Wednesday, October 31, 2001

last night i left work around sixish. went to kmart to pick up shayna's anniversary present. no, its not a single thing from there, i just needed a part for it. its more of a present for both of us. i completed a good deal of it last night. when i looked back on it i thought it was really special. i KNOW she'll like it. btw, shayna don't read this because you'll get mad that i'm talking about it. :) just wait, you'll appreciate the suspense when you see it.

so on to today. i suppose happy halloween is in order. all these people are dressed up here at unitedhealthcare. we have a fairy(its a girl by the way, for all the sickos out there), the obligatory witch, the whole care coordination department dressed up as flowers. way to show team unity yo! me, nothing. i'm just here for the chili today. mmm...chili cookoff. and usually its pretty good. last year someone used chicken instead of beef in theirs. it was delish. moving right along, not as tired as monday and tuesday. heh, i'm sure some five alarm chili with guatemalan insanity peppers will wake me up. maybe i'll see a cosmic coyote with the voice johnny cash and he'll tell me to find my soulmate. joke'd be on him, i think i already have. anyway, thats all for now.


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