Tuesday, December 4, 2001

so far, this has NOT been a good week for me. first and my foremost i miss my hunny, next, work sucks. let me explain, after all this is MY blog, and this is what it's here for. so yesterday morning started off like any other monday, shitty. i didn't want to get out of bed, i ached, etc. get to work and commence laboring on the 3rd Quarter Bonuses for the brokers. i figured i'd get those done in the morning and out to the brokers so i can get them done and up to AP by thursday. well, some of these brokers are fucking dumbasses that don't understand the equation for calculating them. so i explain...and they STILL don't understand. goddammit, having seen how much some of these brokers make, i wonder how on earth a client could actually believe what they say. after all that, i decide in the afternoon i'll get crackin on making copies of my 200-some february renewals. at 12:30 i go in the mailroom and set the copier to 425 open enrollment sheets. here's the thing, we have a very piece-of-shit copier in there (trust me, uhc is cheap, we still use lotus notes...v.4.55) and the tray can only hold 150, then you have to remove them and it goes on to the next set. i leave the copier for about 3 min. while it's doing that. i figure i'll come back to my desk and check my voicemails or whatnot. i go back into the mailroom and it hadn't been 2 sec, b/c i saw her pull them off the copier, but valerie says to me in a real snotty attitude "if you're going to do this many copies, YOU need to check it more often." now usually i'm a nice guy all smiling all the time and what-have-ya, but in my mind i was thinking "slag off bitch. i JUST came in here to check on it." grrrrrr. then she tells me that SHE *needs* to use the copier the rest of the afternoon and i'll have to wait until tomorrow. "whatever. i hate you now." so i didn't get my renewals done or started for that matter. then i had to go take my UA. while there, i mention to my test admin that i went back on metabolift last wee and asked him if it would make a difference. his reply? a resounding yes, and that i needed to call my po immediately and tell her that i was back on it in case it does show up. mother. fucker. not good. then on the way home some bitch (yes, it was a WOMAN driver) was taking up the whole aisle/lane in the parking lot of price chopper. for one thing i hate that store. i hate the parking lot, and i hate the way the store itself is set-up. the only reason i went there is b/c it was the only one on my way home. so i stop in there to get a half gallon of milk for my chicken helper. one thing i hate, having to wait in line for 15 minutes to buy ONE item. ridiculous. after that, i go back out to my car and put it in the back seat. get home, pick it up, and there's a liquid in the seat. oh great, the milk's leaking all over my seat. what did i do to deserve such a shitty day? all i wanted at that point was to crawl into bed and pretend like that day never took place. the rest of the night, not so bad. other than i couldn't really sleep until about midnight. next up today, which started out a-ok...until i get a call from one katie chalfant. i. hate. that. bitch. yet another broker, sort of. it's actually a broker's wife who decided to play bookkeeper. yeah, so she calls me and says in the nastiest tone "where's our money???" for one thing lady, don't cop an attitude with me. i show a huge check for you that was sent on nov 21. it's not my fault you haven't gotten it yet. ever heard of anthrax bitch? seriously, i absolutely *HATE* this woman. she's never nice, she always thinks she's right. oy, if i ever wanted to dance on someone's grave...i know that's not nice, but it's the truth. anyway, so now i have to wait for corporate to call me so i can find out wtf is going on with devilbitch's check, and then i have to get started on my renewals. argh.

shitty. week.


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