Thursday, March 7, 2002

one of my buddy's has his mail sent to my address instead of his new missouri residence (it's not really new, he's lived there for a year now). the most recent piece of mail was his auto insurance policy. he calls me last night and here's how the conversation went:

me: mmmmmyello
ira: hey man, can you do me a favor?
me: what's that?
ira: check my insurance policy and see how much i need to pay
me: sure, i needed to take my pants off anyway
ira: you have to take your pants off to open mail?
me: no, i was on the couch and i just ate so my belly's expanded in capacity
ira: oh
me: yeah, so you owe nothing
ira: good deal. that's what i was hoping for
me: by the way, shayna's gonna be here in two weeks
ira: when?
me: the weekend after st. patricks day
ira: cool. speaking of st. patricks day, should i pick you up before or after breakfast?
me: no way man. i'm not doing that this year. last year i spent way too much, $180 i think, and i wasn't even falling down drunk. there's just too many people down in westport to get effectively drunk. i suggest, if anything, we drink at my house til about 4 or 5, then go to barley's or something.
ira: eh, we'll see. i'll give you a call friday or saturday.
me: cool. i'm gonna go wank.
ira: alright. have a good one.
me: later.

some's taken out, but what's there was said. you know what they say about st. patricks day, the early bird gets the jameson in his coffee. :)


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