Monday, May 13, 2002

those bastards at southwest. first of all, it took me forever to find a phone number on their website. i finally find it and call them asking if i could take beer on the plane with me. not to drink mind you, but because i want to take a little piece of kansas city with me when i go out there, seeing as how it's the last time for awhile. they say, yes, as long as i don't drink it. good, i didn't plan to. then they tack on that i should check with the airport baggage just to make sure. so i call them and ask. the bitch there says "no alcoholic beverages onboard." i think she was under the impression that i was going to drink it onboard when really, i'd just stick it up in the overhead compartment. nonetheless i'm going to call again in the morning and explain that i'm not going to drink it. hell, i wanted to share it with folks out there, seeing as how i've been yakking about it for the last 3 years. for the record, i wanted to bring some boulevard, and breckenridge brewery avalanche (yes, from breckenridge, colorado - i know it's not kansas city but i doubt they have it california). we'll see tomorrow. g'night everyone.


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