Saturday, September 28, 2002

ah anniversary day. that's right, shayna and i have been together for exactly one year yesterday. i had plans but in order to keep them secret i changed them everyday for the last four. rather than go over the restaurants i pondered i'll just say how the night went-
7:35-i pick up shayna (we're zany role-players like that) and we exchange cards and stuff. as for her flowers, due to the cat's stunts last time, this time i got a standard bouquet and only three gerber daisies. i got the first season of the simpsons on dvd (i was secretly hoping for madden 2003, but after she saw how ffx went i'd be surprised).
7:40-8:20-the drive to dinner. usually this drive is only 30 minutes, i don't know why it took 40. anyway, shayna was clueless(just the way i wanted it). pierpont's at union station. good food, good times.
9:30-9:50-had to book it for the next destination...which to some was a downer. i got tickets to see sweet home alabama only because i knew she wanted to see it and it was chick flick that i'd go see voluntarily. that don't happen too often. so we got there late and the only seats available were the very front row and it was one of those screens that went wall from wall. needless to say we lasted about 5 minutes and left. kinda sucks because now we have to make time to go see it again.
11:00-we stopped at blockbuster, got kate&leopold (again) and some other flick. we came home and went to bed.

all in all a good night i think.


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