Wednesday, September 10, 2003

moo wha haha!

borrowing a cue from the wedding page i decided to add a countdown until i get out of this office. nice.

last night i was awoken at midnight by a tearful shayna once again freaking out over the wedding. it's weird how i'm all cool with it and she's a wreck.

the closer we get the more excited i get. especially since i found out yesterday that i'll be picking up some peeps from the airport. that's no big deal, but the fact that i know for certain friends and relatives, such as but not limited to, james, eric, tim, and possibly scott will be there on thursday is kind of neat. i'm thinking that night will be my last hurrah as a full fledged bachelor. sure, i'll have a bachelor party but my final farewell will be that thursday. when i mentioned that last night this is the response i got from shayna "i can't believe you forgot." huh? forgot what? anniversary? no, that's 9-27, soon to be 11-1. proposal day? no, that's 12-16 and therefore eliminates the birthday possibility. "what did i forget?" "that was going to be our last date as singles." oh, well move it to wednesday. i know we don't have anything planned then.

and so it was done. let's see, i should write down in my planner what all we're doing that week before. shayna says it'll be busy, i say not really, that's what we're paying people for. sunday drive down with enough time to watch the chiefs game that night. monday go to get the license. monday night nothing. tuesday nothing. tuesday night nothing. wednesday nothing, might play some golf. wednesday night last date. thursday is spent at the airport. ha! thursday night, hasta la vista johnny boy. friday get my tux fitted, eh might do that earlier in the week, but at the same time this way i can go with tim & scott and make sure they're kosher. friday evening rehearsal. saturday lounge and enjoy my last few hours as a free man. heh. saturday evening, so long life! =)

sunday do nothing as shayna and i stay in our robes and drink mimosas all day while listening to the music that brought us together. eh, possibly a fuzzy navel or two.

that's all for now. until the next time shayna flips out. hoowha!


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