Wednesday, October 31, 2001

the chili was HOT. i don't think my rectum will ever be the same.

on another note, something i've been thinking about. people who can't get over their past and move on. instead they feel compelled to rip on past experiences with people and rather than keep it between the two people, they choose to publicly humiliate the other person. why? what does it accomplish? obviously this person lacks maturity in every sense of the word. my whole thing is i've been in my share of bad relationships and i may hate some of my past girlfriends but i don't go around bashing them. now of course, i never went out with more than one at a time. i think if one person is going to date someone it should just be the two of them. luckily i've found the one person i cherish with all my heart and would never do anything to cause them pain or suffering. hmmm...i guess some people just never grow up. thoughts?


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