Friday, November 16, 2001

it's friday!!! double hoo-rah!!!

okay, as most people know on fridays i treat myself extra nice and wake up a little bit early. why? so i can watch a full episode of saved by the bell. generally, it's the college years, but on occasion they show one of the sbtb movies. this morning it was actually one that i hadn't seen. can you believe that??? anyway, it was the thanksgiving one from the only season of the college years. so i'm watching and it's funny and cutesy as always. well, at the end of it they had all these special guests come on and do a sort of donation thing (mike rogers ruined the thanksgiving dinner :)). the first one was the kid from deepsea quest or whatever it was called. i can't remember. the next? marsha warfield. yeah, i can go a morning without seeing her ugly mug. but the next one, oh the next one made up for it all-
hehe. six from blossom!!! i *had* the biggest crush on her. heh, i guess i still kinda do. anyway, the next one made me spit out my coffee. the one, the only, true-white-boy-who-has-a-mistaken-black-identity, david silver. hehe. yep, brian austin green. ah, the bottom line is i LUV me some saved by the bell. heh.

okay, time to work. and look forward to 5. happy friday all!


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