Tuesday, November 13, 2001

okay. my weekend. started out friday getting a haircut, for which i was about 20 min late. absolutely, THE worst traffic i've seen in a while. everywhere i turned was backed up for at least 2 miles. nonetheless, got my hair done and now i look pretty. basically not a whole lot friday. went over to dave's and had a few drinks then came back home and went to bed. saturday, went over to my parent's house to put up the christmas lights (which by the way, look good. tested them last night). found out my little brother was in town...with his girlfriend. asked if they were coming to thanksgiving, since shayna doesn't want to be the only girlfriend there. "not sure. we'll definitely be in on friday for the chiefs game on sunday." whatever wanker. heh. saturday night, whole lot of nothing. ira came over, dave, tiff & alyssa, & lesko, all swung by and hung out for a little bit. sunday, more of the same. except i helped my buddy with his car. battery was dead, we tried jumping it, nothing. took it over to my parents and put it on the charger. meanwhile, we rented a couple of movies. the first one, the gift starring katie holmes (woo hoo! she got topless!) and greg kinnear. actually it also had cate blanchett (eh) and keanu reeves. we honestly didn't think keanu could pull off the asshole redneck character. well, he proved us wrong. and for being a freaky deaky movie, which i'm not really into, it was pretty good. of course, katie holmes being topless was a good incentive to watch it too. heh. the second movie we got, heartbreakers starring sigourney weaver and jennifer love hewitt. jennifer was dressed. like. a. slut. the whole time. we were satisfied. not to mention we didn't know when we got it that jason lee was in it. that guy is as cool as michael rapaport. yeah he is. bad ass and a half. total role model for me. anyway, all in all a pretty dull weekend. this coming weekend though, i have to deep clean as my wo-man is coming in town the following thursday. and that way all i'll have to do is vacuum wednesday night. yay-hoo! only 9 days away!


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