Wednesday, November 21, 2001

okay, here's how my night went. everything was a-ok up until about 8:30. i'm sitting there playing my game (final fantasy viii) and what i messed up on monday i had done the right way this time. so i decided to do a couple of extra things. i get those done, get up to close the patio door (i dig me some fresh air) and figure i'll save the game and head off to bed. *buzzer* wrong answer! try again. power outage. BOO!!! it's cold out and i want my heat dammit! what bugged me the most was that when looking out the back door i could tell the lot across from me still had power. why was i doomed to have this misfortune? last week the damn playstation/memory card lost my game that i had been playing for about 3 months off and on, then monday i messed up, then last night the power went out. damn the man! and since the power was out, i had no method of waking me up in the morning, so i figured the power wouldn't be out long, i'd just stay up and wait. wrong again. it didn't come back on until midnight. three and a half hours without power. lucky for me i have such a great girl. she listened to me whine and complain about how bored i was. then she offered to call and wake me up in the morning. keep in mind what's 6:30 to me, is actually 4:30 to her. at first i refused, then shayna said she'd call me anyway. fine, have it your way. so the phone rings at 5:30. i look at the caller id (like i didn't know who it was) and answer it. "hi." oops, i'm an hour early. "yeah you are." (now when the power came back on i didn't bother to reset my clock) well, i'll call back in an hour. i knew she wouldn't. next thing i know i roll over and the clock says 6:58. that's the correct time give or take a minute or two. so i missed my saved by the bell this morning. but at least i know i have the sweetest girlfriend ever that'll wake up in the middle of the night to make sure i get to work on time. :)


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