Wednesday, November 7, 2001

so last night i took jimi to the vet to get her stitches out. took like 5 minutes. i *could've* gone back to work, but it's not everyday i'm home at 4:30 pm. so i ended up going to blockbuster. i told shayna i was going and she said "legally blonde?" "no, i don't want to get a movie that you want to see (not to mention that's one that i want to see with her) so instead i'll get some crap movie." the result? senior trip. it was alright. about 8:15 i was laying on the couch really comfortably and then the phone rang. it was my buddy keoni! i hadn't talked to him since the sept 11th thing. we used to party a lot last winter, then he moved back to hawaii in february or so. anyway, i guess he's working airport security again. he told me his vacation (he's coming back here to kc) was towards the end of april, early may. i told him all about shayna. he insists that she be here when he comes here. heh, he said "we gonna do some partyin!" well, i don't like to drink too much in front of shayna. "yeah, but if i'm there!" eh, we'll see. then i watched some more tv. woo hoo! charmed was on tnt at 9 and the wonder years was on fox family too! i kept flipping back and forth. oh, on charmed, it was the second one with rose mcgowan, the one where they're trying to coax her into living with them. anyway, there was the evil enchantress, that's a little bit of a longer story so i won't go into it, but the demon in the house? THE SHOCKER DEMON!!! i. could. not. help. but start laughing my ass off. it was this demon that was in their electrical circuits. hehehehe. it still makes me laugh. i am *so* immature. having said that, time to do some work.


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