Saturday, November 24, 2001

so i'm posting this from shayna's pc.

yep, that's right, i'm in sf right now. here's a readers digest version of what happened-wednesday everything was going alright. she called me about 5 or 6 kind of worried but thought she'd be able to make it. then around 9 all hells broke loose. she called me in hysteria freaked out afraid to get on the plane. eventually her mom gave her some tranquilzer (literally a chill pill, heh) and it seemed like everything was a-ok. then at midnight, when she went to the airport, total. breakdown. at first i was in denial. i really couldn't believe she had backed out. it wasn't until she got home and called me, i saw her home number on the caller id, that i accepted she wasn't coming. then it was my turn for a breakdown. thank god i was by myself. i don't ever want to let ANYone see me in that state. we talked for a while and luckily i was calmed down enough to talk to her and get her to calm down...for the most part. i didn't want to go to sleep knowing that i wasn't getting up to go to the airport to get her, not to mention i couldn't even sleep in my own bed. i ended up on the futon. next day we were talking and she asked me "could you maybe come out here?" ummm...i suppose. after thanksgiving dinner i don't really have any other reason to be here. and also, i could tell she needed me there, and i needed to be with her. so, we got me a plane ticket, and after checking with my family first of course if they were cool with it, and i flew out.

when i got to the airport (sfo) total movie moment. there was shayna and we just held each other and she just started to cry. it was beautiful to me, just like her. she got her first month anniversary present...nother movie moment. tonight, she gets her bday present, since i won't be here for that, but i will be for new years. anyway, that's about it for now. more to come when i get home.

oh, and i might add that i don't think i could be any happier than when i'm around that beautiful lady of mine.


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