Saturday, January 26, 2002

man alive. went up to lawrence last night. let me tell you a few things about that city. for one thing, it's home to the university of kansas in case you didn't know. number two, i've never had a good time there in a long time. don't ask me why, i just haven't. number three, being a college town, it's bound to be bustling on a friday night, and this one was no different. we got up there and hung out for a little bit, then headed off to the bars. now it wasn't so bad...if you don't mind standing in a bar and you can't move your arms in ANY direction. seriously, i was standing there with arms to my side, unable to move, it was that tight in there. things like that remind me of why i never go to lawrence anymore. after that we walked down to a really nice bar. i could move around, we got to sit down, but the difference was this is where all the people MY age hung out. everyone in there was in their mid 20s - my kind of bar. next we went to pick up matt, jeff, and theresa from another bar, and we headed off to...the hawk. thing about the hawk is it's i think the only over 18 bar in lawrence, hence why the kids wanted to go there. they're still at that age, wanting to get laid, and this was the place, as it was chalk full of freshman girls. i didn't mind this bar per se, there was a little section that was roped off for the older people us, i think it's there to make us feel like chaperones. and if that's the case, it works, because scott, myself, and theresa were sitting on a bench in this little room and i turned to them and said "why does it feel like we're the oldest people here?" both, at the same time reply "because WE ARE!!!" well after that we go to taco bell and of course there's a huge ass line. we listened to a 27 min #41 while in line, and a couple of other songs. we go home, eat and go to sleep. at 4:30 am the rest of the crew returns, matt & jeff, with two of the ho-iest girls i've ever seen. one looked like a crack-user. anyway, they FINALLY went to bed at 5:30, and it was at that point i realized "i'm old. i can't hang with you guys anymore. i've lost it." jed says "what are you talking about? you partied it up last weekend." "well, ok, i guess i can if i want to, but this weekend i just didn't want to." so there ya go. it's true. you're only as old as you feel. look at me tonight, it's 8:15, i'm getting ready to start my laundry, pop some popcorn, and chill on the couch in front of the tv. nice huh?


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