Sunday, January 20, 2002

my weekend sucked. i mean, i had fun, but it wasn't as good as it usually is. friday night we were all *hammered*, esp theresa and colby. they took falling-down drunk to the next level. we went to the grandfaloon. it was wes' little sister's birthday. wes about beat me over the head when i bought her a cement mixer. i LUV those things. anyway, after that we went to the brooksider to close out the night. saturday didn't do much. slept til 3:30, then got up and took a shower. went back over to colby's to get my cell phone that i accidentally left over there. picked up some kfc, i was aching for some fried chicken. i get home and eat, then jed calls me and comes over. we split a bottle of captain (sort of, he only had two drinks out of it, i had the rest) and watched the patriots kick the raiders asses!!! whoo hoo! nothing makes my night like a raiders loss. and now, i'm sitting here just doing laundry. yeah, good weekend, but bad too. i've been miserable the last two days. shayna went to san luis obispo for the weekend and her phone doesn't work there. i haven't talked to her all weekend. maybe twice, three times, only for about 5 minutes at a time. so my realization this weekend is i CANNOT go a day without talking to her. if i do go without it, i'm horribly depressed. also, they went to rock n bowl last night (ironically, jed not knowing that, mentioned last night that we needed to go bowling. had it not been such a hard friday, i probably would've done it) and we all know that bowling is all about beer. bottom line is i'm worried out of my skull because i haven't heard from her since about 11 last night. :( anyway, i'm going back to my couch now to hold my head in anxiety.


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