Wednesday, February 27, 2002

hmmm...seems i don't have much work to do this morning so i suppose i'll blog about the weekend now. sigh, where to begin, i suppose with the flight out there would be good. here we go -

thursday - my buddy jed ended up giving me a ride to the airport, so he went out wednesday night then came to my apartment and crashed so that way we could just wake up and go go. apparently i have issues with flying. nothing bad happened per se, the flight out there was nice, i slept for about an hour or so. it was when we finally got to sfo that something happened. apparently there was very very dense fog that morning *just* around the runway. i kept looking out my window when we were landing and all i could see was clouds. we kept going down. still clouds. still going down. oh! there's the ground! like right there. next thing you know we're going back up fast. so we ended up going across the peninsula, which was kinda cool. we flew around over the ocean for about a half hour or so. i had never seen the ocean and now i had. neat. moving right along, i get off the plane and there's my sweetie!! i LUV me some shayna. we do our little hugs and kisses thing then get out of there and go to pick up gm and we're off to the elephant bar for lunch. it was good. then we went home and chilled. next up was dinner. shayna and i were celebrating valentines day that night so we went to il fortaino or something like that. it was deeeelicious. the only bad thing was we waited for at least 20 minutes to get water. water people! that's meat and potatos in a restaurant. heh. after that we picked up esther from the airport. hip hip chick. afterwards, we were pretty tired so we came home and just cuddled. yeah, we're that couple that's just content staying in each other's arms and falling asleep watching tv. :) there were other ordeals such as the rental car, but i don't feel like going into that.

friday - wake up and head off to slo. five girls, me only boy. not a good equation. i'm *not* going into the car ride, but let's just say that shayna and i totally felt like mom & dad driving the minivan. heh. we got to slo and the girls went shopping. me? oh i just stood outside the stores, which i didn't really mind. it was around 74 or so outside so it was a nice change. and now it's 16 when i wake up. the nice thing about living here in kc is when it's like this outside, it really makes me appreciate the times in july when i step outside and immediately start sweating. anyway, back to slo. laura got home (speaking of which, props out to the kid for letting us stay there) and we went to eat dinner at a pizza joint. after that we went to the jack johnson show. damn kids were dressed like saigon hookers i swear. having said that, i liked mason jennings over jack. jack was just a little too surfer for me and mason had the twangy midwest thing going on, which i dig. went home, had a little tea party of our own! hehe.

saturday - whole lotta nothing. drove back. we were exhausted. needless to say, we were in bed by 10 i think. quick day huh?

sunday - ah, our last day together. i hate those days. i didn't want to come to the realization that i was yet leaving her again. so sunday the kids (gm, esther, and sharon) went down to monterey and santa cruz. that let shayna and myself have the whole day to ourselves, which was nice. it was pretty much the only time we were by ourselves the whole weekend. anyway, we laid in bed all day, watched the ku game, which shayna got *really* into, yes, i'm serious. she was into it. we ordered some chinese, kids got back, james came over, we just hung out and watched the closing ceremonies. went to bed. i went to bed wishing that the morning wouldn't come. that we could just take all the time we wanted to be together. someday that will happen but not now.

monday - woke up, said goodbye to shayna as she had a meeting that morning that she *had* to be at. as she was driving out of the garage it struck me again that we were leaving each other. you'd think it'd get easier as it goes along, but i think it gets harder. just because i end up falling in love with her even more each and everytime i'm with her. *ahem* enough with the sappy stuff. had breakfast with james, gm, and esther, then off to the airport. almost like a real world season finale. all of us at the airport saying goodbye. heh. anyway, that's about it. i have a meeting at 10 and there's some things i need to get done beforehand, so later!


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