Friday, March 8, 2002

shayna was amazed that i knew a song from annie when we first started talking. yeah, we bounced lyrics back and forth with each other. last night, when chandler made that comment, well, apparently the amazement has drifted away because she didn't even think about it. eh, well, god knows after our one year anniversary i'm gonna forfeit having to remember a lot of little stuff (i'll still remember the first time we met, first kiss, and first....)

maybe far away
or maybe real nearby
he may be pouring her coffee
she may be straightening his tie
maybe in a house
all hidden by a hill
she's sitting playing piano
he's sitting paying a bill

betcha they're young
betcha they're smart
bet they collect things
like ashtrays and art
betcha they're good
why shouldn't they be
their one mistake
was giving up me

so maybe now it's time,
and maybe when I wake
they'll be there calling me baby

any bets that she'll forget that i own bye bye birdie (the good one, a la dick van dyke)?


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