Monday, April 29, 2002

*sigh* i start my new job tomorrow. i always get antsy before i start a new one. the one about this one is, there's only two other people in the office and i've met them, so it makes a little easier, but still, it feels like the first day of school. i'm more nervous about the drive. this is the furthest i've ever had to drive for a job. all my other ones were less than 15 min away, and it was only that long if i had to stop at every light. i'm also kind of worried about how my car will react to the driving. it's about 29 miles each way, so that's 60 a day. times 5 is 300 miles a week. right now, my car is used to doing that in about 3 weeks. now of course i know it's time to start thinking about a new car, but that's hard to do coming off of what i am right now. heh, i bet i'm gonna have to ask my parents for a car loan. at least i'm not like my brother and go out and get an suv that i can't afford. anyway, that's all for now. wish me luck on tomorrow. :)


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