Tuesday, May 14, 2002


best buy can suck my big white ass. i am so irritated with them. words cannot explain this aggravation. when i got my pc, i went to them and they gave me a free year of msn. now then, in the process of doing this, they set me up with a 2 year deal that charges me 21.95 a month. a few months ago a charge appeared on my credit card. so i called msn, they told me how BEST BUY FUCKED UP and set me up with the wrong account and i had to go to the store to get it cancelled. no big deal...if best buy knew what the hell they were doing. they tell me to just call msn and have it cancelled. so i go home, call msn and tell them to cancel it. "no no no sir. you need to go to the store and have them cancel it." so by this time i'm steaming angry and go back to best buy and yell at the kid behind the counter and tell him he's a moron and to get his supervisor. after about 30 minutes she finally fixes it, i go home and call msn and they credit my account. excellent.

well guess what happened today. my card gets charged AGAIN. so i call msn...and they tell me the account was never cancelled. so now i'm on the phone with best buy and they tell me to go to the store and get it all corrected.


thank you for time.


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