Monday, September 30, 2002

where the hell is everyone?? it's like i'm talking to myself. on that note, hey john, let me tell you a story. ok, shoot!

last week when we went to go see sheryl crow we went with my oldest brother (he's 30) who went to ku. he worked at benchwarmers way back in 94, let's see, that'd be his what, 4th year there? around there. anyway, he was the bartender there. well, on march 7, 1994 he was the opening bartender. it was also the first time he had heard of this band. how does he remember it you ask? he had to run out and get fiddle strings for the big black violinist. "they're pretty cool guys" the weasel laments. please, rub it in my face.

neat story though huh? he said there was probably about 30 people in the bar that night. would've been cool to have been there....


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