Thursday, November 28, 2002

boy oh boy, where to begin.

seems like every holiday, especially thanksgiving, ends up pissing me off in some respect. this time, it's my family, although it's that every year. but it's different this year. usually i don't get here until around 3, since we don't eat until 5, but i figured with shayna here this year it would be different, and it wasn't. from the moment we walked in the door at 11:30 i was being nagged or bothered in some way. to make matters worse, here's a conversation that went down today (prefaced with this - a month or so ago my younger brother lashed out on my older ones because they called us spoiled. i thought we were all over this, guess again.)
i'm sitting there watching the lions game with my dad, pat(my oldest brother) and granny(do the math on who she is) enter the room talking about sam's.
pat to granny: i was going to give tim the membership on my card but i guess he doesn't need it. do you guys?
granny: well doesn't john need it? he doesn't have one does he?
pat: do you have one?
me: no thanks, i don't need it.
granny: well why not?
me: because i go with mom. she needs someone to carry her kitty litter.
pat whispering/snickering to granny: we won't go down that road....

i wanted to jump up off the couch screaming "um, what the hell is that supposed to mean?" oh, and i should also mention that pat's my attorney, and he told my mother something that i told him in that thing called "attorney/client confidentiality," but i guess that doesn't exist in pat world. but instead, i sat there for a few moments, collected my thoughts and got up and went to the kitchen to speak with shayna. we went to a room and i was explaing to her what happened. she too, had heard some things that he had been saying all day long related to me and how i have it so easy and life was so great for me etc. AND THEN, as if all of that wasn't enough, while shayna and i are in tim's old room talking, granny and gramps and pat are in the room across the hall from us. doors closed don't work too well around here because then we heard them talking about the sam's conversation - pat saying "john said 'mom takes me.' wow, is that all i have to do?" hey asshole, i still live here for one thing, NOT ONE damn person is holding a gun to your head saying "you must live in lawrence." so piss off. after that i went to the gas station to cool off, i swear, every year, i cannot stand to be in this house for more than 3 hours at a time. i. just. cannot. do it. i try, oh lord how i do try. hence the reason i like to go to the plaza lights. if i have to stand out in the cold for an hour or so it's totally worth it to get out of this house by 6:30. problem this year, tim and susan won't be here until 8:30, they want to go to the plaza tomorrow night, so of course shayna is saying "i don't want to go if we're just going tomorrow night" and "i want to be here when tim and susan get here." woman, you're asking me to be in this house, around these mean people, for over 9 hours.

god help me.

oh, and the dinner? my mom got the wrong turkey out - 12 lb instead of 20 so we're short on meat. that's wonderful, considering all i can have is meat this year. i try to take a bite out of the bird about 45 minutes ago, my grandmother starts waving me off like i'm contaminating the bird with some horrible disease that will kill us all. i haven't had shit to eat today, except some wretched reduced fat swiss cheese that my dad got at the store this morning and we're not going to eat until around 5 or 5:30.

so to recap-
i've been scrutinized and nagged by my family.
i've been deceived by my attorney (granted i don't pay him, but that in no way justifies violating what i assume is a standard among honest lawyers)
and i have to put up with it for 8 hours. and what sucks is, that's all i *can* do, is put up with it.

well, happy thanksgiving everyone. i'm out.


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