Monday, February 24, 2003

well i guess kfc isn't the only one who likes bushisms. how about fred durst et al being in agreeance over yadda yadda yadda. well, no one ever said fred was the brightest crayon in the box. now on to my bitching about how corrupt the grammys are-

they obviously don't judge songs on content, otherwise no doubt would have NEVER, EVER walked away for best duo or group with vocals that can pack in arenas or whatever the hell it's called, with "hey baby". i think the correct word for that one was "whah?" hey baby hey baby hey baby hey! mmm...sounds like some cheesy pick up line that's just itching to end with "i thought 'very fine' only came in a bottle! damn baby girl!" eh whatever.

heh, how about my boys usher...and nelly! representing the lou! root root! usher with best male r&b vocal, nelly with best male rap solo and best rap collaboration. i bet we'll see usher hangin with nelly on err force one en route to nellyville to meet up with kelly rowland.

alright, the moment everyone's been waiting for - that damn john mayer pansy. let's see, up against elton john, sting & james taylor. now how come santana can get all those grammy's for that god-awful smooooth with rob thomas but the three legends i just mentioned can't get their props? i honestly believe elton john should have won for original sin. that is an absolutely fantastic song. but yeah, your body is a wasteland is a *great* song. brilliantly written, ex. "your skin like porcelain..." anyone want to take a guess what i usually do with porcelain? i bet john mayer does the same. so does this mean he has some crazy fetish about...on women (we assume he's referring to women in the song)? porcelain...wasteland...hmmm...something to think about it.

i'm out.


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