Friday, January 31, 2003

james' comment reminded me of how i wanted to mention this -
a group of raider fans during the riots set a pile of debris on fire in the middle of the street. usually one runs away after committing a heinous crime like that, but raider fan isn't your normal person. no, instead they posed for pictures...for a newspaper! if i were them i'd just walk down to the station and turn myself in. it's only a matter of time before joe police is there knocking down your door.

also, the chief of police of oakland was reported as saying "we didn't think the fans would riot win or lose."
HUH???!!! SAY WHAT???!!! you didn't???!!! you are the chief of police right? how is it that the chief of police didn't *think* they would, yet i, a scrub for an insurance company, as well as the rest of the nation *knew* they would.

ah well. that's it for football for a while, unless the mooch ends up taking a year off and then coming to kc after vermeil. that would rock the casbah.


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