Thursday, February 26, 2004

methinks our shows are settled. finally.

i'll be piloting the stl for both of us, with scott as my co-pilot. shayna can't go, she has important work through july. sucks to be so vital at work. heh.

and we'll be hitting west palm beach we decided. i've done all the flight, hotel and car research. good way to go out before we really get tied down.

oh, and i found out today that they're keeping my department. that's good news for me sort of. good news that my job isn't going anywhere, bad news if i want to move up. it's just going to be us, billing, and some other new department that will deal with pre-sale. so i can make all the lateral moves i want, just can't go up. needless to say, the search is still on but at least i'm on stable ground.


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