Friday, October 22, 2004

'tis been a while...does anyone still read this?

some things just don't make sense. like corporations. a couple of weeks ago our boss asked us who wanted to go to dallas for a convention/seminar type thing today and in november. i was one of the first, if not the first, to say "i'll go." two other chicks said they couldn't go, one saying she had class, a presentation in november that she had to give. the other said she didn't want to go because she'll be in cancun next week. he said he'd like it if we all went. well at that point all of us scoffed and said no way is hartford gonna go for that. and we were right. but guess which two of my department went? that's right, the two who said they couldn't go. weird huh? but it gets odder. when he told us we weren't going he said there would be other opportunities to go. ok. tuesday he comes by our desks and reminds us of these opportunities and leaves us with "details to follow". we end up having a meeting tuesday afternoon and he says they (the big wigs) want 3 of us to go down there...on monday. i damn near spit out my water when he said that. oh, for 3 weeks. that's why i almost lost my water. two of us (the ones without kids) said "sure no problem." my only stipulation was i had to be here on november 1st because it's our anniversary. "sure, no problem. fly out the 2nd" he says. they also say we can fly back on the weekends. so i tell him i can fly out monday (25th) and come back for the weekend, as long as i'm here on the 1st or i can go the 2nd-12th or go next week and be there the week of the 1st and fly back down there on the 7th, whatever he needs to do to make it work. we call for our corporate cards on wednesday (we each get one) and i start telling the famille down there that i should be there for the 2nd to the 12th - because that's when brian told me i'd be there. i decided to put a rush on my card since i might be leaving on monday but probably the 2nd. they say regular takes 7-10 business days, which at the earliest would be the 27th and i don't want to take any chances on not having it in time. well well well. as of today, friday october 22nd, i am not going. that i know of. the 2 others i was supposed to go with are leaving monday. i was at lunch when he called and he's in dallas so i have no clue what's going on until monday. here's what was said allegedly "john's not leaving monday but he's involved in the 2nd to the 12th." great. what the hell does that mean? should i tell the family i'm not coming? should i book airfare? and why can i not go on monday and fly back on friday like gina and bob are doing? makes no sense to me either.

oh, but my card just arrived on my desk about 20 minutes ago. (meaning the other 2 do NOT have cards, but the guy who got his will be at his desk monday morning, irony is awesome.)


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