Wednesday, August 11, 2004

yay! we'll have our new furniture for the weekend!

and what a weekend it's going to be. it all starts tonight with me getting a jump on laundry and cleaning the top half of the house. then tomorrow i have to go see phil the barber for my styling and i'll clean the lower half of the house. then friday is bela fleck and the flecktones. saturday morning we're getting the furniture and i'll do any last minute cleaning/laundry in the afternoon, as well as manicuring the grass. saturday night we have a dinner party or something like that for one of my childhood friend's parents. then sunday it's off to the fun of worlds! perhaps a big fat steak will be in order that night. then monday is the dmb and i'm smoking some ribs. we'll see how they turn out. i'm going to try a new rub. i'm not too worried. 'tis all for now.

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