Wednesday, October 31, 2001

some of you know about my neighbors who have a meth lab in their kitchen. well, they don't really but i wouldn't put it past them. anyway, ever since they moved in i've known they smoked with their kids around. i just wasn't sure if they treated them like dogs and put them out or if they left them in the house. well last night was beautiful. it was about 65 when i got home, thought i'd open up and have a couple beers on the patio. i get home and there's a note on the door. my initial thought is its an eviction notice, then i realized i haven't done anything recently to get evicted. all it was was a note saying they were doing asphalt work in the morning and needed me to move my car by 6 am (or else be towed!) so i went back outside in the hall and could immediately smell it. i knew they had their patio door open as well so on my way to the car thought i'd do a little detective work. i peeked through the fence and there's the three crystal meth moms passing around a huge ass bong and five or six kids just running all over the place. thats not cool. at least wait until your kids are gone. my thing is can that be considered child endangerment? i would think so considering smoking weed is illegal. the other thing is my laundry hookup is in the basement. their apartment is right above the washer so i can hear EVERYTHING they say and do. sunday night when i was down there i was tossing a load (that didn't sound right) in the washer and i could hear them yelling at the kids. and it wasn't nice yelling, it was mean yelling. "tommy are you going to clean up these toys" "no!" i then hear someone else say "if he said that to me i'd slap the f--- out of him." "tommy pick up these goddamn toys! if i make a f-----' mess you don't clean the goddamn thing, i f------' do! so clean up these goddamn toys NOW!" when i walked upstairs i was ready to beat down the door to get in there.

all i can say is god help me if i find out they hurt those kids. i WILL be in that apartment so fast and those kids'll be waiting in mine while the cops haul mom off to jail.

hmmm...thats just something thats been bothering me ever since they moved in. can't wait for their lease to expire. bitches. (and anyone who knows me, KNOWS that i never call any girl a bitch, unless its deserved.)


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