Thursday, January 31, 2002

how bad is this ice storm we had? well the news/meteorologists are calling it the worst one in kc history. wow. now check out this little statistic - more than 250, 000 people in the city have lost power, my parents included. no power = no heat. luckily, their neighbor has power so they're going to try and shack up with her. another neat little tidbit - my power had been going off and on all night so shayna volunteered to call me in the morning to wake me up. we did that successfully and i called the voicemail that was set up to see if we'd be working today. it said "although our offices are open, if you feel the conditions are too treacherous we understand..." yep, i'm going to work. so i get up, shower, drink my coffee, etc. i go outside and see limbs that have fallen the size of my car, if not bigger, and trees literally split in half. driving into corporate woods this morning was like a maze. weaving in and out of the street dodging limbs. i get to the office and a coworker pulls up next to me, she goes in and i follow. she comes back out and says "no power." eh? why the hell did the voicemail say we're open? and what happened to the call tree? i thought we had procedures in place for this kind of thing. nonetheless, i'm home now, hoping to go to work this afternoon, and hoping my folks' power gets back on real soon. my mom said their house was around 55 degrees right now.

how's everyone else doing?


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