Wednesday, January 30, 2002

so, in case you haven't heard, kc is being pummelled with a winter storm. now i don't mind these *too* much, but at times it gets on my nerves. anyway, yesterday afternoon is when it kicked in. i left work at 4:55, didn't get home until about 5:30. normally my drive home is 15 minutes tops. heh, not last night. anyway, this morning i knew it was going to be worse, so i went out to my car at 7:40 and began the process. i started the car and went back inside. y'know, to let it get going. about 5 or 10 minutes later i went back out to start scraping the ice off. how much ice you ask? only 1/4 inch. that may not sound like much, but just try getting that crap broken then off. i start scraping then the handle on my scraper breaks. it was a piece of shit to begin with but i knew trying to use the itty bitty scraper portion wasn't going to be easy. alas, i got it done...except for my wipers. i decided i could see enough out the windshield so i went to the local gas station to see if they had any more scrapers for sale. of course not, but they were kind enough to let me use their extra one. got my wipers working and finally my car was suitable for driving. by this time it was 8:10 and i was kind of wishing i'd spring the $25 for a carport, then again, we only get a storm like this once, maybe twice a year. after trudging my way through the ice and slush, i make it to work at 8:35. the good news? this freezing rain we're getting is supposed to turn to snow tonight. thank you God. i'll take snow over ice anyday, as it's much easier to get off the car. maybe we'll close the office early....

and how was YOUR drive in this morning?


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