Tuesday, January 15, 2002

so the weekend. this is how it went day by day-

friday i work and come home, get my bags ready and what not, decide to have a get-rid-of-beer-athon. lucky for me there was only three. my buddy comes over and we watch friends then head off to the airport. no traffic, we get up there in plenty of time, i get checked in everything is hunky dory. of course the second i get inside the gate (and if you've ever been to kci you know that once you're inside the gate, there's nothing in there except the jetway) i sit down and i have to go to the bathroom (i shouldn't have had that 23 oz at the budweiser bar). so i get all my stuff up and head off to the bathroom. i'm kinda hungry too so i figure i'll get something to eat. get my food, do my business and i head back to the gate. now then, the first time i went through i had to take my boots off because of the steel in them, i was *hoping* they'd remember me and i wouldn't have to do it a second time...but no. i had to take my boots off a second time. no big deal that's fine. as the bags i had were going through the machine they grab the one that has all the presents in it and say "who's is this?" mine. "do you mind if we have a look at it?" nah, go ahead. they start going through it and they grab the jar that my mom's bbq sauce is in. they call over "ron." "ron, this look alright to you?" "yeah sure." no sooner had i tied the last lace on my boot "you're gonna have to send your boots through." I JUST DID!!! "not for me." so i sit down and start untying my boots off again. i mutter under my breath (not really) "goddammit." ron apparently is a devout christian, because he started preaching the good word to me. "we don't use that kind of language in this gate. y'know i never understood why a man would want a being so powerful that created this great and magnificient land to damn something. there's been people i wouldn't let on a flight for using that kind of language." hey "ron", 1787, philadelphia, constitutional convention, bill of rights, first amendment, freedom of speech. granted i believe in god but i have the right to take his name in vain...i'm gonna wind up in hell anyway right? so after that little episode i go to board the plane, get a decent seat. by this point i'm kinda tired, working all day, have a couple beers in me. i figure i'll turn on my discman and fall asleep. wrong. batteries are dead. so i figure that the drone of the jet will put me to sleep. wrong. seat wouldn't go back. so after enduring what seemed like a six hour flight i finally arrive at oakland international. i walk....and walk some more...eventually turn a corner and there's my sweetie!!!! never had i been more happier to see her. what started out as a good day turned into a lousy one, and all i wanted was a big fat hug from shayna. i have so many days(well, more than i'd like to) like that and want a hug from her. friday i got that. anyway, i really have no beef with that airport. other than they have three baggage carousels in the same room and five southwest flights arrive at the same time. so after an eternity of trying to find my bag we get it and head out. not much happened on friday, we just went home and cuddled. :)

saturday, woke up, had breakfast at stacks, which was good, with meeks, sharon, and james. i had veggie something. really good. after that i knew we were going to go shopping....however, i thought it would just be shayna and myself. wrong. marika came too. it's bad enough having to shop with one woman, two is just torture. i must say that i behaved myself very well. didn't complain once, just sighed my way through it. ended up buying shayna some really nice perfume. she smells good now! well, better. :) after that we hung out for a little bit back at the crib, then it was on to the hotel. this is where it gets funny. we get there and get situated then shayna's off to her hair thing. james calls and says he's out of class and on his way over (poor me, no time to squeeze one off). he gets there and we watch then end of the eagles game. he tells me about beverages & more and we're off. all i wanted was one beer, unfortunately they don't sell individual ones, so i bought a six pack. of course shayna gets back to the room and sees we're not there and calls me and starts pissing and moaning about how i better not get drunk tonight (haha, we'll see...). we get back to the room and after getting that whole mess sorted out, james takes off, i crack open a beer and shayna takes a sip. OH MY GOD!!! she likes it! she likes a beer! i KNEW that it would be ME that found one that she would like. in a way it was kind of a special moment, in a sick way, kind of romantic. anyway, after that, it's off to the party. we. looked. fabulous. hot even. the night went on without a hitch. dinner was good. *i* danced (like the white boy that i am). we had a really good time. shayna had a little bit of *too* good a time. that's right, we get back to the room and shayna was plowed. *ahem* who was bitching at me about getting drunk? uh huh. that's what i thought. just wait though, i'm sure for jack johnson i'll be reeling a little bit. heh. then again, i've found that i don't like to get *too* drunk around her. guess maybe shayna's a good influence on me...except in bed. *gasp!* so, yeah, i took really good care of her, after all, that is my job. that takes us into...

sunday. we didn't do much. went to blockbuster and rented a couple of movies. americas sweethearts which we didn't watch. and the other was crazy/beautiful. now i hate kirsten dunst. can't stand that bitch. but this was actually a decent movie. almost a tearjerker. after the movie we get snazzed up for dinner at her nana's country club, some of you may have heard of it, lake merced. they served crab legs. i've discovered something. i'm nervous when it's just shayna, her mom, and nana at dinner, but when uncle mikey and alex are there it's not nearly as nervewrecking. i think it's because i feel like i'm kind of on the spot when it's just 4 of us. and that makes perfect sense. besides that, i'm afraid i'll do or say something to make her family dislike me. i think it's perfectly natural to feel that way. anyway, yeah, dinner was good, shayna had said that the people that go there were kind of snobbish. maybe it's my upbringing but they seemed normal to me. we went home, went to bed....

ah, the day i despise the most. leaving day. we woke up, got to the airport at 10 am straight up. heh, shayna made a comment to me when i got home and called about how i didn't look back at her. i explained to her that if i looked back i'd probably go chasing after the car and jump on the hood or something. it's hard enough saying goodbye once, god knows i don't need it twice. so i go on up and there's *no line* to speak of. now for those of you that know the layout of san jose southwest, american terminal (i think it's a), the last time i was there it was from the counter, wound all the down to the garage, and back around. i made it to the gate that time at 11:55, my flight was scheduled for noon. lucky for me the plane wasn't even there yet. this time was a little different. she dropped me off at ten. i was at my gate at 10:10. i grabbed a cup of coffee and a cinnabun, sat down and waited to check in. finally get on the plane, which was a new one meaning leather seats :-D i.e. smooth on my tush. plane ride home was nice. slept a little, got home in one piece, did my laundry at the laundromat since some sicko broke the one downstairs, and called it a night. that's it.

that's how my weekend was. and i might add that i will NEVER, EVER, go that long without seeing shayna ever again.


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