Wednesday, January 16, 2002

y'know what sucks about tour time? at least this year, i can't hit as many shows as i'd like to. why you ask? because i know of things that have much higher priorties to me right now. the first thing is to be close to shayna. i know i'm either going to be there, or somewhere else, but i know i'm going to be with her. the next thing is simply to pay off my credit cards, which of course i need to do if i'm going to be moving, and going to 6 or 7 shows certainly won't be aiding that. here's how the whole thing started, shayna and i had decided lOOOOOOOOOOng ago that we would only be going to shoreline and sandstone this year. well then the dates are released yesterday, and she starts talking about chicago, la, and sacramento. i too, am guilty, as i start talking about st. louis also, however, mine situation is a little bit different. my brother lives there, my cousin, who does double duty as my godmother also lives there, as well as my great great uncle. shayna only wanted to go to those ones because of friends (which is perfectly fine, i mean, i was also eyeing denver), but mine was simply because i had family that i don't get to see too often. i have much love for all my friends, however, my family definitely takes precedence over them (sorry guys!). anyway, last night after i did some thinking i realized we had made a goal, promise, pact, whatever-you-want-to-call-it to only go to those three shows. so, this is where i turned into evil boyfriend. i told shayna no. you're not going to any other shows other than these three. she then asked me about riverport. i told her no, for now anyway, if it's a weekend show, maybe, but for now, i'm sticking to our original pact to save our money so that we could be together. i'll be damned if i'm going to let a band keep me from my true love. also, i figure so we may not get to go to every show this year. so what? it'll be worth it if we're together, and besides, once we're together, i think it'll be that much easier to go to shows in 2003(i always look ahead). right?

i'm right...right?


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