Friday, February 8, 2002

guess what this weekend is? it's meat weekend!!! all the meat i can eat. why you ask? lent starts next wednesday and that means no meat. i'm not like most catholics, i take it back to the old school and don't eat ANY meat during lent and i try to avoid eating it on fridays throughout the year (sometimes i'll sneak it in). just like fasting. the only thing i will badmouth the pope on is this ridiculous idea he has that fasting is eating one meal that equals three or somethihg like that. fuck that. fasting is not eating anything whatsoever for a period of time you pinhead (yeah, i know, i'm going to hell, but i'm going for other things besides that). so over the next 6 weeks i might become a little testy. heh.

i got tons of chicken that i need to grill this weekend so like emeril says
it's time to kick it up a notch!!!


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