Friday, February 8, 2002

i LUV me some friday. i plan to sleep tonight, and sleep well.

meanwhile, phones are down here at work. sort of. i can receive calls, just can't place any. sucks because i need to call the help desk and have them reset one of my passwords to an application. guess i'll just have to sit and wait. and y'know something i hate? people who tailgate. not bbq-tailgate, i'm talking people who ride your ass when you're drivng through a school zone and it's the LAW to only go 25. where the hell are the cops when this happens? i'll tell you where (not that i hate cops, just when this kinda thing happens). they're at some mall telling kids they can't skateboard there. now which is more dangerous? kids skateboarding at a mall, or some penus riding my ass through a school zone? yeah, that's what i think too. bums.


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