Friday, February 8, 2002

oh yeah, and another thing. the super bowl. great game, shitty pregame (mariah carey, could you please look and act more like a ho? if so, there are openings at madman moe's fiery brothel), kickass halftime (couldn't have gotten any worse than last year, i would rather do lyposuction on roseanne with a crazy straw than watch that pile of shit again), the only downer during halftime, paul mccartney and terry bradshaw singing "hard day's night". someone, please, knock me out with a beer bottle, baseball bat, frying pan, whatever it takes. what the HELL was up with that? you've got U2 doing a kick ass show, then just go and torture mankind with your atrocious singing, or lack thereof. anyway, just a little bitch session. i'm out for now...until i think of something else to bitch about.


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