Thursday, February 28, 2002

hoo boy. i'm so down right now. i miss my girlfriend. a lot. we were talking about when we first started...talking i guess you could say, earlier today. it makes me so happy whenever i think about that stuff, but then now, it makes me sad because i have to wait to see her. today at work at least 3 different people asked me about her. not sure if that's a good sign or not. anyway. i just got off the phone with her and she sounded down. can't understand why. she went over to see lisa's baby. who knows, maybe thinking about babies made her think about me and that made her sad. heck i dunno. maybe hearing her sad is what's making me sad. well enough rambling. tomorrow i have to go to lunch with my team. it's the temp's last day so they're making me. the bad news? we're going to chevy's, which i HATE. but those damned girls outnumber me. being a minority has been happening to me often. heh. anyway i can't have meat tomorrow, so i'll have to have like a cheese chimichanga or cheese enchilada. gah. i. HATE. chevy's. so much i'm not going to plug them with a second link. they have absolutely the worst mexican ever. at the same time though, i've been bored at work all day everyday this week, so it'll be good to get out for at least an hour. also, my boy joey's in town this weekend, which means tomorrow night we'll be going out. problem? snow is supposed to start tomorrow night. late tomorrow when we'd be drving home. i'm not sure if i'm going right now. i'm definitely going to party it up tomorrow night. here's what i expect to happen - i'll send an email to scott telling him that i've burned 7.15.01 for him and it's ready for pickup. they'll come by tomorrow night and tie a few on. ask me to go. i'll say no. but then again, i *did* just get a fat bonus, so we'll see. i'm soooo torn. heh. ok, i'm off to bed, and wait for shayna to call me. i miss her so much. boo for me. :(


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