Saturday, February 2, 2002

day 4 in my tale. the good news? my power came back on last night around 2:30 am. bad news? i was at my parents. they had gotten their power going but around 7 or 7:30 kcp&l came by and started working on it. here's how my parents house looked. in the backyard they have a deck and the individual line comes out right over it. there's also an enormous tree right smack dab in the middle. one of the limbs fell causing the line to come down - as well as their meter being ripped out of the wall. it was literally hanging there by the cord. kcp&l cut it to prevent a fire from being caused so that was good and bad. they're going to have to have an electrician come out and fix it all up, which is going to take at least 3 days i'd imagine, so that means my parents are going to be my roommates for a couple days! aren't you jealous? heh. this also means not only will they have their dog here, but their cats also. two of them to be exact. my kitty isn't going to dig that too much. heh, i'm a catlady! anyway, so yeah, power's back on, my folks' will have theirs soon enough, and that about wraps it up for now. today? i'll be able to watch KU stomp CU, and then tomorrow the super bowl of course. woo hoo!


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