Monday, February 4, 2002

shew. what a long weekend. here are the key points -

*parents still have no power
*so i had steak last night, my mom cleaned my kitchen, and she made me taco meat :)
*i have the most beautiful girlfriend in the whole world
*some folks are jealous of me for it
*i'd like to put those people in a bodybag (and i'm a VERY peaceful person)

i'm just thinking 17 days until i get to see that special girl in my life and i can't wait. the only thing i wanted to do last night (after the game of course) was to curl up with her in bed. things are going to be a lot better when we're finally together.

so that's it. mondays suck. i hate being at work today, and that's all. oh, and i'm also tired of my parents waking me up at 5 am, unintentionally, but they still woke me up. eh, well.


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