Monday, March 11, 2002

monday. bleh. nuff said.

last night i had dinner with my parents and grandparents. my dad and grandfather kept making fun of me because they didn't believe a. that i wear a 36 waist and b. that i only weigh 180 (i think, might be less than that). mean people they are. on a happy note though, it was made very clear to me that my mom and grandmother LUV shayna. how you ask? i'll tell you. first, my mom said she was good because she gets her thank-you's out so fast, to which my grandmother tacked on and i quote "she sent me a thank you, check her off, she's A-OK with me!" in addition to that, on my way out the door when i was hugging my grandma, she says to me "you thank shayna for me. i don't know what she's doing to you but it's a big BIG improvement over the old john." old john? whatcha mean? gramps says "well before we'd see you for 2 seconds maybe and now you sit down and socialize with us." hehe, they're right. it is her that's making me better. so the friday shayna's here we're slated to have dinner with my parents. good opportunity for them to talk to her and get to know her. maybe they'll see why she makes me so happy. anyway, maybe i'll blog about best buy and my raging contempt for them later. til then, i'm gonna grumble about mondays.


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