Friday, July 12, 2002

hehehehe. we're dog-sitting last night and tonight. my parents were going to a family reunion on my dad's side. anyway, i just got off the phone with shayna. it went something like this.

shay: sweetheart.
me: hey.
shay: i'm in the middle of a family crisis right now.
me: why? what's wrong?
shay: i can't find the remote to the tv!
me: that's not an emergency. an emergency is you telling me the stove is on fire.
shay: oh great! and now the dog is eating the cat shit! MAX!!!
me: ok, well, i'll be home in a little bit. love you.
shay: you're taking the dog with you when you leave.

and then we exchanged our loving for each other.

anyway, the moral of this story is my girlfriend is a drama queen, which was no secret, but the other thing, she's the one that really wants a dog...named oliver.

oh yeah, and hooray for fridays!!!!


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