Thursday, December 12, 2002

alright, here's my reply, and of course the other replies. their names have been removed to protect those with low brain capacity.

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Date: Thu, 12 Dec 2002 15:17:00 -0800 (PST)
Subject: RE: [DMBfreaks] i heard about this on jim rome

i hate it when you write an email and you hit send and
it says page is unavailable and you lose everything.
so, since i can't remember everything i just wrote
here it goes as close as i can remember.

this is the most asinine thing i think i've ever heard
you say. the fact of the matter is that it is illegal
and 3rd graders shouldn't be strutting around selling
pot. having said that, HOW do 3rd graders get that
much pot? it wasn't a case of sneaking into older
brother's room and taking the joint they found under
his bed. it wasn't showing off said joint to their
classmates in an attempt to look cool. we're talking
15 bags here. 15. who do you know that has 15 bags
laying around the house? that dealer from the
crackhouse in midtown? the athelete that has 5 dogs,
6 cars, and 12 women on his bed?

furthermore, if they don't disclipine them now, where
are they going to be in 20 years? let me tell you-
8 years old-selling dope to their 3rd grade classmates
(what bright little entrepreneurs)
12 years old-they've decided "hey! we can get away
with selling pot to our classmates, let's see if we
can sell acid or heroin to em!"
18 years old-now they're stealing cars and other shit
because they need drug money
we all know how this ends:
25 years old-sitting in their cell waiting to give
bubba a rubdown

if it was a joint or a pipe, yeah, i could see maybe
giving them 2 weeks suspension.

15 BAGS OF POT PEOPLE. two 8 year olds. walking
around ELEMENTARY school with, let's not forget, *15*
bags of pot.

> Yet again I am outraged by the fucked up drug laws.
> How horrible must it be to have your life ruined at
> the age of 8 by being kicked out of school for
> trying to make money off selling a drug less harmful
> than alcohol. Why, I bet those kids wouldn't receive
> more than 2 days suspension if they were selling
> shot-sized bottles of Jack. What kindof a fucked up
> law takes away your education (the very THING can
> help you avoid having to resort to black market drug
> dealing) for selling drugs?? That's like pushing
> someone off a cliff for tripping on the edge of it.
> In 50 years, when pot is decriminalized and that kid
> looks back at how that one incident fucked up his
> life forever, he's gonna want to sue the government
> for billions of dollars(trillions by that time).
>Damn... startin' young nowadays...

>It never made any sense to me though that when a kid gets in trouble the take him/her out of school. Why take away a kids education? That makes him bound for more >trouble in the future... cant they find another form of punishment?


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