Thursday, December 12, 2002

something real fast here-a few months ago you may or may not remember me mentioning that my company was going to a stricter dress code. no more polo shirts or hiking boots (nice looking ones mind you). correct me if i'm wrong but this kind of thing usually happens when people abuse the system right? right. there's this one lady over in evidence of insurability that dressed like she was straight out of the trailer. she didn't wear blouses or sweaters or dresses. pants and a long sleeve shirt, usually with little flowers on it, not to mention untucked. either i'm a snob or more of a professional than i thought but that kind of dress just isn't appropriate for an office setting. maybe if you're packing boxes over at ups (nothing wrong with that by the way) or some other blue collar job, but this is a corporation and standards are set and expected to be met. anyway, she still wears the same crap, even after this new dress code went into force. today she took it to a new level. ok, you ready for this? check this out -

a mickey mouse sweater.

i'm sorry but that is completely and totally unacceptable. perhaps on the day before a holiday or something but not on a thursday. now then, there's two people to blame for this: 1. herself. whatever happened to self-accountability? 2. her manager. he needs to say something to her to the effect of "you need a new wardrobe, and it needs to be more professional if you're going to work here." sure she might say that money's tight right now, that's all fine and dandy. then the manager should say "i don't want to see any unprofessional attire after february 1."

it just kills me to hear people around here piss and moan about how we got a new dress code and some people can't comprehend what it means to work in an office. i'm thinking if people stopped to realize that our old dress code, it was a privilege to have that and we won't get it back until folks around here begin dressing like they belong in an office setting.

i'm out.


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