Wednesday, December 11, 2002

a few takes real fast-

1. the freaks list. what a bunch of bs that list has become. all it is now is a bunch of kids whose number one priority in life is getting high. each time i check that list there's always some email that references it. not that there's anything wrong with it, might as well do it while you're young because once you grow up, it's gone...unless you have aspirations of one day being the subject of ridicule on jerry springer. furthermore, there's this annoying chick on there that all the guys love...which makes me think either she shows her ta-ta's to them or she sleeps with all of them. besides that, the fact that she's in law school still remains a mystery to me, she seems too immature to be in law school.

2. my company's holiday party. shayna and i went and left around 9:30. we were sitting with a couple co-workers of mine (of course, right?) and their husbands. well the wives were out doing the electric slide to a hippity-hop song. heather's husband starts commenting to lynette's husband about how they shouldn't be line dancing to this song and his voice is increasing in volume. shayna and i just kinda look at each other. y'see, the thing is that heather and her husband are white, lynette is black, and her husband is white. point is, shayna and i thought some racist beatdown was about to happen so we decided that we had partied enough for the night. well yesterday a mandatory meeting for my department was called. ashleigh and i were on the elevator, here's the conversation-
ashleigh: i think i know what this is about.
me: what's that, the speakers getting broken?*
ashleigh: no no, that's a completely different thing.
me: oh, well then what?
ashleigh: well i'll put it this way, i don't think we'll be seeing heather again.
me: oh my god, why what happened? was there a fight?
ashleigh: there might as well have been. her husband shouted something at nancy (our boss) to the effect of "show your t****!"
me: oh wow.
*ed note: i don't have the whole scoop on this, but when i do i'll let you know.
in this meeting it was announced to us that heather had turned in her resignation tuesday morning and it was completely her decision and that we weren't supposed to talk about in the office anymore. well alright. i can't even imagine what would happen if it was shayna and myself in their position. oh wait, yes i do, shayna would be on the next plane back to the bay. good thing i have enough common sense not to do anything asinine like shout at her boss to show what nature gave her, even if i was a little intoxicated. let me explain why i'd never do that - 1, shayna would kick my ass so hard i'd walk like i had a shampoo bottle in my rectum and 2, after she kicked my ass she'd take my cat and go back to the bay (and that's the main reason why i'd never do that, besides the fact that i wouldn't *want* to see shayna's boss' things). so that's that. dumb husband costs wife her job.

3. war chiefs winning the super bowl and war shayna having an outstanding birthday.

have a great day, out.


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