Thursday, December 26, 2002

really fast, here's what i got for a christmas (i may have forgotten a few things so forgive me)-
madden 2003 (woo hoo!)
back to the future trilogy
couple of sweaters
couple pairs of pants (one cord, the other really snazzy dress pants)
bunch of shirts
a wool coat that's the bomb diggity courtesy of shayna
barbeque utensil set (i love it! spatula, tongs, kabob skewers, corn-on-the-cob holders, and a couple of other things that i'm unsure of their use)
and finally-
what to use that set about....a new smoker! yip yip yahoo!

it'll be broken in this weekend for the chiefs raiders game.
go check out shayna's as i'm sure she'll list all of the appliances that we don't need to register for anymore.

war a chiefs wild card!
war a happy and safe new year to all!


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