Monday, December 2, 2002

so last night i walk into the kitchen and say to my mom "mom, can we talk to you for a minute?" shayna, susan, tim and myself wanted to speak with her, just the five of us. granny's walking by and sees us all sitting down and i guess took that as an invitation to have a seat herself. then 10 minutes later gramps came in. oh no! we can't talk to their baby girl in that tone! heavens no! it's bullshit. at a couple different points in the conversation i had half a mind to say them "i don't recall inviting you two into this conversation," but of course then they'd cop the attitude "you can't talk to us that way!" yeah, i'm 25 years old, i'm an adult now. anyway, i won't go into the details of the whole thing, but towards the end they were talking about the kitchen floor and how i didn't help. true, i didn't help to a great extent, i asked, they said there was nothing for me to do at the present time (friday night). but last night i mentioned how i brought the tiles up to the living room prior to anyone's arrival.
gramps: john how old are you? 25? 26?
me: 25
gramps: well i'm 78 and i loaded those into my car and unloaded them in the garage.
me: ooook. (so?)
granny: well i think he wants a thank you.
me: ok, thanks?
gramps: well it sounded like you were complaining.
me: i wasn't complaining (you nutjob) i was making a comment.
and then there was
gramps: just now when mom asked you to bring in the plywood you were walking in with it like "grrr why do i have to do this?? grr"
me: no, i probably had a face on that said "this s*** is heavy, get out of my way."
mom: well when i asked you you just stood there until i said now
me: yeah, i was in the middle of a conversation, maybe you should have said "if you aren't busy, can you..."
mom: john, you could have said "i'll get it in a sec"
me: i was in a room with the door closed! did i really have to say i was busy?

oh, and of course gramps has to revisit my a-h*** days when i'd get off work at midnight, come home and go to sleep at 2 am, then wake up at noon, get ready for work and go back at 2 pm. i'd do my things at home and get out. i personally can't imagine anyone too pleasant after working those hours. however, the point is, that he won't give up on that crap. i even said to him "i like to think i've come full circle" and he agreed. well then i just have to ask, why you bringing it up old man?

oh, and my grandmother admitted to keeping her problems to herself. could that possibly be where i get it from? and while on this topic, when i blew up friday my mom said "it's good to voice your feelings." then saturday, all four of us, each as couples, got our asses chewed for causing stress and blowing up. so wait, do you want me to say what's on my mind or am i supposed to keep it quiet? mom says "well i think you could have pulled pat aside on thanksgiving and said something to him and no one would have minded." yeah, if it was just pat that i was upset with. there were two others, your parents, that i was upset with also, so i thought it was in the best interest of everyone involved to keep quiet so we could all have a lovely thanksgiving, just like on tv. shoot, i love bitching about it, problem is i think shayna's tired of hearing me talk about it.

augh, even though i know this isn't the end of this drama, it's nice to know i won't see them for a couple weeks, and to put this weekend in the books.


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