Monday, December 30, 2002

mondays. i hate them.

it started off as a normal day. chris came over and piled me down with work. no problem. but then, this disk kept screwing up this one file that i had to get into. took me about two hours just to get it done. had to restart my computer and....augh, don't even want to talk about it. then i go to lunch thinking "mmmm...tuna, hard boiled egg, and a little of the jungle. yeah right. sean jones is in there filling in for jim. alright, no big deal, between the lines is on at 2. but kietzman isn't. he's out for the day. alright i dig danny clinkscale, i'll listen to him. i'm sitting there opening up my tuna and what happens? can opener slips and i drop the can while spilling the juice all over me and a smidge of tuna on my pant leg (boy, that cat's gonna LUV me tonight). thinking things can't get much worse i reach for an egg and start munching on it. now what i like to do is eat around the yolk saving it for last. not today. it falls out leaving yellow marks on my navy blue shirt. perfect. 30 minutes later things seem to be fine but we'll see....

i hate mondays.

and raider fan.


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