Wednesday, February 26, 2003

c'mon east coast, southern kansas/missouri, and in general the rest of the country! quit hoggin all the snow!

ever noticed when you want something to happen it goes somewhere else? everytime it's supposed to snow it always goes to the south of us. i think our total this year is 10 inches, and i missed 5 of it. when i was kid there was always snow on the ground. i remember walking through about 6 inches when i was about 6 or 7 years old. i mean, i by no means want buffalo snowfall, but i miss the big snowfalls. everything is so pretty; that is until all the cars turn into a grey slush. and when you go outside and it's snowing it's so quiet. it's like the world just stops turning and you get to cherish how beautiful everything is.

anyway, back to boring work and griping about no snow.


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