Monday, March 17, 2003

alright robbi, what the hell happened to your longhorns? losing in dallas? weren't they the crybabys that "didn't have a chance in kansas city?" so they swayed the big xii to move it to dallas. no surprise there. ever since the texas schools came into the conference the committee has bowed down and done everything they wanted. but that's not the point of this bitch session. no, this one's all about texas crying that they couldn't win in kansas moving to dallas would make it easier for them. to get home earlier i suppose. instead of a 2 hour flight from kc they just drove an hour and a half back to austin. having said that, someone explain to me how they got a #1 seed and ku got a #2. truth be told i'd rather ku be a #2 because they always seem to choke earlier in the tournament when they're #1. but anyway, let's go back to the regular season and examine texas vs. kansas. ku beats texas head-to-head at allen fieldhouse. longhorn fan says "well if it were in austin we would've won." maybe, but arizona came into allen fieldhouse and smacked ku down, so really i don't buy that crap. next ku wins regular season big xii title. guess that means nothing in reality, so we'll go straight to big xii tournament. ku played on saturday. did texas? oh, that's right, they were already home. texas tech kicked their ass back to austin. said "you don't need no bus, we'll just dropkick you back."

so what have we learned? that ku got a #2 seed, and they shouldn't have. texas got a #1 seed, and they shouldn't have. well that's the ignorance of the selection committee i suppose. let's dance.


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