Wednesday, March 5, 2003

tour dates are up. word.

as i mentioned on nancies, if it weren't for all the blasted, er, i mean, joyful weddings this summer i'd take a week off work and we'd do the kc --> san antonio run, except for houston. that's out of the way even though i've always wanted to go to the woodlands, plus they're only doing one show there this year.

funny thing happened this morning. yesterday afternoon it started to rain, then late afternoon it changed to sleet, therefore the rain that had fallen froze. overnight it snowed about an inch. roads were a mess this morning, just enough to make it crappy. shayna and i are watching the news this morning about 6:55 and they're talking about this bus that went through the concrete barricade in the middle of the highway. their newscast ends at 7 and good morning america is on next...what song did they choose to fade out with you ask? hehehe, a little ditty called crash into me. nice huh?


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