Thursday, April 10, 2003

all our friends think we're opposites
falling in and out of love
they all said we'd never last
still we manage to stay together
there's no easy explanation for it
but whenever there's a problem
we always work it out somehooow
work it out someho-OW.
they said it wouldn't last
we had to prove them wrong
cause i learned in the past
that love will never do without you
do without yo-OU
love will never do
never do without you!
come on! love will neeever do
never do without you!
if you believe in love sing!
love will never doooo
never do without you!

word. everybody's feelin good this morning. and why not, royals are 6-0, saddam is collapsing, and it's supposed to be 70 today. hence design of a decade in the ol cd player.

seeing that your love's true
never i'll doubt you
my heart belongs to you
that's alright with me
worlds could end around me
so in love that i can't see
you and me were meant to be
that's alright with me
friends come and friends may go
my friend you're real i know
true self you have shown
you're alright with me
through thick and thick to thin
ill love you till the end
you know it's true my friend
you're alright with me
alriiiight wiiith me
you're alright with me.
shoopy doop doop bow.



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