Monday, March 24, 2003

normally i'm not a hostile person, but i am when a person violates someone's privacy. for example, when that lowlife drug addict broke into shayna's car i wanted to give him a beatdown because he thought he had the right to steal our hard-earned property. i knew the cops weren't going to catch him simply because one, it's a major city with more important things to solve, such as homocides, two, because tons of cars get broken into everyday. it's a common crime as sad as is it to say. but when something happens, that doesn't happen very often at all, maybe once a year in overland park, yeah a suburb, you would think the police would be more apt to catch the criminal. but it doesn't seem to be that way. no, they could give a flying fuck if the pathetic-crawling-in-the-slime-corn-rolls-in-his-hair-shit-for-brains violator is caught. "well are you going to do anything officer? maybe get a composite sketch together in case he comes back to this bar and the staff can notify you guys?" "hehe, son, you watch too many cop shows. nah, we'll let him do it again to someone else and not worry about it then either."

life makes absolutely, no sense, whatsoever, sometimes. what do i want to do? get a good description of the guy, go to the bar with a buddy. if he's there strike up a conversation with him, have my buddy go to the door and if he makes a run for the door cut him off. then apprehend him and call the cops. and of course before the cops get there give him a good smack. perhaps in the family jewels.

i cannot put into words the anger and hatred i've experienced in the last 60 hours, trouble is i still have a lot in me that's dying to get least when i think about it.


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