Monday, March 24, 2003

and to further illuminate how is it that 25 years can go by and the closest thing i see to crime is the occasional drunk driver crashing in front of my parents house, and then within the last 5 months, i've seen two heinous crimes go down. i mean, how? how do i go living here and nothing bad happens and then whammo! crime just jumps in my lap. it doesn't make any sense. i've really been seriously thinking about moving the last couple days. moving away from this city. should i be? 24 out of 25 years with no crime, but the way it's been piling on is scary. i mean shayna's frightened to go out in our neighborhood at night. i don't think she should be, seeing as the crime that exists in our neighborhood is the losers stealing from old navy and kmart. that's the extent of it. but still it just doesn't make sense how i could go this long without seeing it and then it just happens so fast.

WHACK. that's what this world is now. and bullshit when the police, the people i pay to protect my ass, don't do a goddam thing but sit on their butts eating donuts and saying "oh we'll catch him...if and when we want to."


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